As soon as the skin is built with approx. 12 years, the first test comes: puberty. Between the ages of 10 and 18, the body is in exceptional condition and with it all systems. This manifests itself in the famous notorious vocal fluctuations, first pickling, the first beard growth and also sweat breaks and perspiration. But what is right now? When does one talk about acne and how much sweat is ok? Let’s start with the pimples. The fluctuations in the hormone system have an influence on the skin and favor the formation of pimples. It is important that the skin is now properly treated. The care products for “impure skin” have ingredients which are absolutely effective against bacteria but have a particular effect on the high-quality bacterial flora which is for our protection. Thus, acne can be fostered by incorrect care and the consequences of too early, incorrect skin care can lead to persistent skin problems up to the adult age. Since so many different factors (hormonal fluctuations, diet, skin care, psyche, etc.) have an influence on the annoying skin changes, it is wise to consult the specialist before you just try it. With the right care that adapts to the hormonal roller coaster, puberty does not have to mean bad skin. The sweating and the unpleasant odor are also associated with the hormonal changeover. And again, please do not grab the next best Deo. Sweating has a detoxifying function in addition to many others. False deodorants, e.g. (E.g., by aluminum salts), and frequent cleaning with too strong surfactants (e.g., in shower gels) can have serious consequences, including breast cancer. Basically: Sweating is desired by the body and a healthy detoxification reaction.

So it is better to fight the bacteria, which are responsible for the bad smell and if possible without the skin’s bacterial flora to eliminate immediately. Proper care does not have to be cumbersome, because sweat is water soluble and an emulsion of oil, water and lactic acid can cause miracles. Then maybe even the clothes with a high-quality perfume scent and the exciting trip into the adult age is nothing more in the way.