If you have curls, you often want smooth hair. Because this is much easier to control. What a pity. With the right care and styling tricks, you tame all too wild waves and make brittle crisscrossed silky smooth hair

Curly hair is usually slightly dry and stressed. Since it is not so close to the scalp, it is supplied less well than smooth hair with supple sebum. Also the dandruff layer is less smooth due to the natural curvature of the hair, so curly hair reacts to damage from the outside almost mimosa. Treat it very lovingly, especially when wet. Wrap a towel turban around your head and press gently, never rub it. For coarse hair, use a coarse-tipped comb. A brush separates the hair strands too strongly, the hair then looks shaggy and bloated.

Curly hair is air dried even more beautiful

In terms of care, it loves curly hair particularly richly. Overgrowth is virtually impossible. Shampoos and rinses with natural lipids such as shea butter, jojoba or macadamia oil envelop each individual hair with a shimmering protective film and ensure that the curls retain their structure. Also for styling products you should put on special curling. They give hold and bounce without drying or sticking the hair.