Have you heard of the widespread myth that daily washing hurts your hair? And ask yourself what’s the stubborn rumor? We have gone to the bottom of the matter and not only tell you whether you can wash your hair daily without a bad conscience, but also what tricks you should know about your washing routine.

Is the myth that daily washing harms the hair, or does it not? To put it briefly: No, he is not! Shampoos are now designed to be used every day. The prejudice that daily washing makes the hair dry or greasy comes from a time when the hair products did not contain mild surfactants and care formulas. Grandma’s well-meant advice “once a week is enough” is thus long gone. Nowadays, shampoos remove excess sebum and dirt using mild surfactants without affecting the natural acid protection coat of the hair. Since this protective film regenerates within a day, you can wash your hair without any worries once a day.

Tune the wash routine individually to your hair

So far so good. The news that daily washing does not harm the hair does not mean that the daily hair washing is really necessary. In other words, there is no rule of how often the hair should be washed. The daily hair wash is a “can”, but not a “must”. Only with greasy hair is a more frequent hair wash necessary.

This is what makes women with great hair right

Ladies, please be careful: While in the frequency of the hair wash in principle nothing can be wrong, there are five golden rules, which should be taken into consideration during the washing itself. After all, each one of her approximately 100,000 hair would like to be radiated beautifully.

1. Before washing, comb the hair well to remove any traces of hairspray or gel.

2. The shampoo on your hair types and the respective needs (color protection, volume, antic supple etc.).

3. The shampoo always rinse well, because dried foam remedies can irritate the scalp!

4. Cold rinse – this includes the dandruff layer of the hair and promotes the shine.

5. Do not overheat the scalp during washing. This stimulates the production of the sebaceous glands and ensures that the hair greases.

6. Finally, add a conditioner in the hair – it protects against dehydration and lends shine and suppleness.