Even without long-lasting blow drying over a round brush, you can bring swing and two-day volume into your hair. Do not you believe? We reveal with which tricks, tools and products you can succeed in great looks! Obendrein offers here the most beautiful Hairstyles for fine hair

Reinforcement is approaching! Fine hair does not appear to us flat and impotent, because in fact it measures only one-fifth of the diameter of thick hair. The hairy hair is genetically conditioned – we can still beat the nature: With cleverly chosen hair styles, special cuts and professional tricks, fine hair really lifts off! Here are our volume boosters:

Hairstyles for thin hair: volume through the cut

Let’s start with the right cut. The blunt cut is ideal for fine hair because the tips are not cut off in a fringe but straight and blunt. The hair ends on a length and thus appears immediately more compact. Let the tips regularly cut, then split ends have no chance (so no further fraying) and the hair look healthy, well-maintained and full.

In principle, short to medium-length hairstyles are best suited for women with thin hair. The reason: shorter hair is lighter. Thus, the natural bounce power of the hair is sufficient to lift it. If you do not want to do without a long mane, just choose a step cut. It brings lightness, structure and movement into the hair.

Quick hairstyle trick: wear a side crest and change the page by the day. Thus, the hair does not flatten and sets itself up completely by the approach.

Hairstyles for thin hair: volume through hair color

A super trick: highlights deceive the resulting color depths and different nuances visually more fullness. In addition, the color makes the hair easily swell, which makes it even more full.

Hairstyles for thin hair: volume through styling products

Use care and styling to access products with special abundant formulas. Their ingredients strengthen the hair and lift it at the neck.

By the way: Always wash shampoos and styling residues thoroughly to avoid the fine hair. For the same reason, you should only condition the conditioners after the washing of your hair (from ear level).

Hairstyles for thin hair: volume through styling tools

Even the right brush can help your hair to more fullness. In the case of blow drying, for example, the skeleton brush pushes the hair directly at the neck, with a teasing comb you can use the styling to deliberately single parts. But also straighteners, curling irons and winders are practical styling aids for fine hair. The waves created by them bring the hair up, make movement and create a more voluminous structure.