Now, in the heating season, many people are looking for the moisture care for the skin. They also? Many new customers come to this question. We also adapt our long-term customers to the appropriate “winter care”. Here, however, the skin improvement occurs faster – because we do not have to “detoxify” and rebuild. And there is also a serious difference: If the base (ie, your skin barrier) is not intact, “well-intentioned” can quickly become the opposite: Against the signs of dryness, e.g. Redness, scaling, fine wrinkles etc. cream, peel and grease more and more people. If the hoped-for result remains, you can cream more – usually with what has not previously worked. Or you change the cream – but unfortunately the ingredients are usually the same. In the worst case you will get an allergy. And in the long run this is a drop in the hot stone: the symptoms come back.

Let us advise you and inform you about the mode of action of different ingredients on YOUR skin in our well-founded 90-minute history of anamnesis. If you know that no care brings the desired moisture into your skin, then that has a cause.